Modern Mystic

When I was 4 years old I chose to be a Buddhist whos god was Mother Nature. I believed in magick, faeries, and mermaids. I spent most of my time reading fairytales and having tea parties with my cat, Skeeter. As I grew up my connection with nature became stronger, I found myself forming bonds…

Story of an Artist: Shirin Illustration

Shirin Sheppard is an artist specializing in animals and fantasy illustration. Her art is the balance of realism and mysticism. Shirin is a woman of imagination and honest talent. This interview is simply inspiring, gives you the motivation to create what makes you feel alive. Follow Shirin’s Journey: Website – Instagram – Facebook What is your…

Spring Inspired: A Meditation

Spring is my favorite season because it is a time when the earth is waking from its slumber. Our energies become more sensitive, our intuition heightened. The air has a sweetness to it, the flowers intoxicate our minds with blissful thoughts. Mother Nature brings forth our inner goddess, deepening our roots into the yawning Earth….

Tara- A Buddhist Feminist

When I was four years old I was escorted out of Sunday school because I asked to many questions, I was a disturbance to the other children’s learning. “If Gods real, are faeries?” “Is Mother Nature in heaven?” I saw the world differently and therefore I was a distraction to others. After my parents picked…

Spiritual Alter

When creating a home alter you want to find a space that brings you peace, comfort, and privacy. Bedrooms works perfectly for this because it is a sacred place where you sleep and dream, I also suggest having it near a window so that natural light can enhance the connection of the alter to nature….