Experience the Self

Empowered & Enlightened

You are more than a body, you are a Being.


Empowering women & girls with honest advice and inspiring stories. Balancing yoga and the written word to strengthen mindfulness and cultivate self-love.


EcoFitYogi is the collaboration and balance of being kind (eco), active (fit), and mindful (yogi). The Core to EcoFitYogi is the awareness and understanding that our being is a collection of self.(Self) Love, (Self) Care, (Self) Worth, (Self) Respect, (Self) Acceptance


  • Mantras: A statement that inspires
  • Sustainable Goals:  Intentions with roots
  • Healthy Eating: Our connection to the earth
  • Open Mind & Heart: Where growth really happens
  • Strength:  The power of being a woman
  • Breath: The center of everything

Programs With Soul

EcoFitYogi is known for crafting detailed challenges that are designed to encompass a feeling of empowerment.

“Find love within yourself today. Feel its warmth and embrace it. Crown yourself worthy of its affection.”