2020: The Year of Clarity

Breathe it in. Let it out. Breathe it in. Let it go.
Beautiful Chorus

To me, this year has been cleansing. A time of release, shining light onto the areas of our culture and lives that have been shadowed for too long. The clarity has ignited a collective healing and a re-connection to gratitude.

FEB – MARCH (the darkest time): the grocery store shelves were empty, I started working from home (missing my coworkers who were more like friends), wasn’t able to go outside for an entire month, and dealt with multiple anxiety attacks a day.

APRIL: I had to celebrate my golden birthday with my family via video chat.

MAY: I had to celebrate my sisters birthday with them via video chat. But my boyfriend and I began venturing outside with masks. Taking small walks to the park.

JUNE: We began to explore the quiet city via bikes, discovering new pockets of Chicago that we never even knew existed. With our masks on we found ourselves in forest preserves, sun bathing as we watched the yachts on the lake, and roaming abandoned campuses.

JULY: We kayaked on the Chicago river and I got engaged in a forest of willows and butterflies.

AUGUST: My fiance and I took a road trip to UP Michigan, along the way we got to see my family for the first time since the virus started. We camped under the stars, created our own fire, and hiked near waterfalls. Towards the end of the month my grandma peacefully passed away.

SEPTEMBER: I deleted my Instagram and planned a wedding date.

I found myself drowning in the chaos. But with time I began to release my pockets full of stones, rising to the surface with new vision. In many ways it was an awakening, a rebirth of perspective.

With the “2020 vision” I have been able to discover what was damaging my mental health, who my real friends were, and what being in a relationship really meant. The year isn’t over, there is still time to reflect, adjust, and release. Remember, we will always be evolving, discovering new forms of clarity.

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