The Ebb & Flow of Anxiety

Anxiety is an ocean. It’s deep, unknown, and unpredictable with shades of blue that decode its mood. Whether it’s subtle or sudden, the ocean of anxiety always takes control, twisting you under its watery skin, causing you to lose focus of your breath and become overtaken in the story it feeds you. Like the salty sea, you can’t control anxiety, only listen and work closely with its ebb and flow. Floating along the waves instead of fighting, breathing in deeply as you trust the movement and release your fear. It is in that moment of letting go that the water brings you back home. 

How I Float On The Waters Of My Anxiety

  • Journaling

    • My journal is my sacred space where thoughts, emotions, and poetic verses live. I began journaling when I was in 1st grade, documenting ever dream and moment within the pages of my school notebook. I have a collection of mu journals from my child self to now, bibles of my journey. I love to fill my journals with random thoughts, quotes, watercolors, spiritual notes, and oracles. I bring my journal with me wherever I go, keeping it close to my wild spirit. Morning and evening journaling everyday gives me the space to open, release, and renew my wellbeing.
  • Yoga

    • The movement aligned with my breathing is the most potent form of self awareness. It’s the daily ritual of stepping onto the mat that brings me back to my body and allows me to reside in my soul as I flow. Starting the day with stretching and listening to the breath is key to grounding before the day begins. In the evening a flow is what allows you to reconnect with your breath and settle into yourself again.
  • Nature

    • Nature mirrors our soul, energy, and thoughts. It is a reflection and oracle of deep wisdom. I have been spending more time being mindful of what’s around me. When I walk to work in the morning I don’t rush, I walk and if I see a flower or something that catches my eye, I stop and honor it. I think it’s important to take that moment because we are not only honoring nature but acknowledging ourselves.
  • Baths

    • A bath is an oracle, as we soak in the sacred waters emotions, thoughts, and visions rise to the surface. Like a poetic spell, we become bewitched in the comfort of the water. Blanketed in the fluid element that makes up so much of our body. Taking a bath is a spiritual practice, a ritual where you can tap into your energy. Whether you’re an empath, witch, or yogi, it’s important to care for your spiritual self. To release any energy that you’ve picked up during the week. A bath is an energetic and mental detox, creating a space for you to reconnect and realign. Honor your divinity by soaking in the oracle waters, find peace in knowing that you can create your own sanctuary.

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