Oracle Decks I Love

Before I pull a card I surrender to my soul. I listen, with my ear pressed against its vibration. As I shuffle through the deck I close my eyes and bow to the divine within. I reach out energetically for guidance. With each card I pull my soul blossoms, my mind expands, and my devotion grounds.

Below you will find decks that I personally use in my practice. Oracle cards a great way to tap into your intuition and connect with the higher realms. Through art and poetic messages you are able to dive deeper into your souls purpose.

Work Your Light


Written By: Rebecca Campbell
Artwork By: Danielle Noel

Dive deep into your wondrous soul with this illuminating deck. With 44 cards that are vibrant with pastel hues, you are transported to a realm of divine imagination. This deck is rich with instant guidance and provides a loving prayer with each card. I use this deck to communicate with my spiritual council, I find the messages in this deck to be clear, soulful, and aligned with my intuitive flow.

Spirit de la Lune


Created By: Marissa Rankin & Rachael Caringella

Live by the moon with this cosmic deck of 56 cards. The full moondalas, zodiac moondalas, and moon phase cards help you use the phases as an anchor to your spiritual practice. These lunar cards dive deep into the magic of the moon and are perfect to use when starting a moon journal. I love to pull these cards during a full and new moon, to honor the manifest and refection of the self.

The Universe Has Your Back

20181013_113154 (1)

Written By: Gabrielle Bernstein
Artwork By: Micaela Ezra

Gabrielle is a priestess of quotable wisdom and these 52 cards are an artful way to expand your way of thinking. These cards enlighten your understanding of joy, fear, happiness, and manifestation. The artwork on these cards align with the message and the mantras give you the inspiration to concur your day.

Sacred Self Care Rituals


Created By: Goddess Provisions
Artwork By: Tatiana Vedenkina

I live for self care and this deck is magical. If you are ever seeking motivation or ways to jazz up your daily rituals, this deck brings a spark into that commitment. The art for these cards are soothing and connect with the divine feminine. You can use this deck for a personal challenge, pulling a card a day to bring a new form of self-care into your routine.

Goddess Guidance


Written By: Doreen Virtue
Artwork By: Tamara Baechtel

These 44 cards hold the wisdom of goddesses from every culture. This deck is great to work with when you want to connect to the higher realms and work with goddess energy. The booklet that comes with the deck allows you to get a deeper meaning and background on the goddesses.

I Am Power Deck 


Created By: Devin Strickler
Artwork By: Brittany Burkard

This watercolor deck is a collection of 108 daily affirmations. If you are seeking inspiration and wanting to add a mantras to your meditation or yoga practice, this deck is the perfect choice. These cards are also a great to display on alters when you are centering the energy to a certain mantra.

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