Lunar Journal Prompts

New Moon
renew, new beginnings, plant your seeds, set intentions, embrace new direction, self-care, release

  • What in your life needs nourishment?
  • What does peacefulness look like to you?
  • How can you tune into yourself more?

Waxing Crescent
develops roots to ideas and goals

  • Listen. What is your body feeling right now?
  • Where do you find inspiration? Why?
  • What is my relationship with self-respect?

First Quarter
a period of growth, strengthens ideas and goals, manifest intuition

  • How do each of your intentions feel?
  • Does your garden of goals need nutrients?
  • Does anything in the garden need trimmed or removed?

Waxing Gibbous
your ideas and goals are almost in bloom, a time of nurture

  • What intentions do your want to nurture?
  • Out of all the budding goals, which one are you most excited to see bloom?
  • Imagine the roots to all your intentions, does everything connect back to how to desire to feel?

Full Moon
outward expression, ideas and goals blossom, abundance, heightened intuition, emotional peak

  • What emotions are rising to the surface today?
  • What is your creativity craving?
  • How can you express more truthfully today?

Waning Gibbous
start to collecting inner reflections, mindfulness

  • What intentions started to blossom? To manifest?
  • How can you continue to nurture your goals into fruition?
  • In what ways can you bring more mindfulness into your daily routine?

Last Quarter Moon
begin self assessment, take on higher perspective, shed negativity , forgive

  • What do you feel you could have done differently during this moon cycle?
  • Did you learn something new about yourself during this cycle?
  • What are you holding onto that you need to release?

Waning Crescent
withdraw, prepare new seeds of ideas and goals, banish energy that no longer suits you

  • Is there anything in your life holding you back? How can you let go of it?
  • How can you listen more clearly to your intuition and divine guides?
  • Have you removed anything from your garden to make space for something new?



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