Modern Mystic

When I was 4 years old I chose to be a Buddhist whos god was Mother Nature. I believed in magick, faeries, and mermaids. I spent most of my time reading fairytales and having tea parties with my cat, Skeeter.

As I grew up my connection with nature became stronger, I found myself forming bonds with the natural world. My intuitive self awakening every time I walked through the woods or sat in a garden. I wanted my hands deep into the earthy dirt, there was comfort in the wet coolness.

Each day my hands would be stained with colors of nature, a collage of wonders I found myself drawn to.

In high school I began practicing witchcraft, yoga, and crystal meditation. My mental health state needed something to balance it. I sought softness and light because I tended to wade between the shadows of my emotions.  I wanted to embody my soul and I knew that crafting personalized rituals would strengthen me. Give me that sense of bold confidence that I lacked, I no longer want to be in the colorless and lifeless realm of my body image disorder.

I knew that my spiritual self was my savior, I was my own healer.

Everything I believed in since I was 4 years old stayed with me, it became the foundation to my spirituality. It was an evolution of how I viewed the world, and imagination was the root to it all.

When it came to spiritual labels I found myself never being able to fit in, I was always a blend of cultural and religious beliefs. I found connection through story and deities to be so profound, that all religious became united. I knew that my feminist perspective influenced how I chose to worship.

Over the years I have gained a spiritual council: Tara, Mother Nature, Skeeter, and the Fae. They have become my divine caretakers, a circle of feminine energy. You can call it sisterhood or soul keepers, these guides hold my prayers and affirmations in the light of their creation.

I’m not ashamed of my practices because brave mysticism creates magic.

I still believe in faeries, mermaids, nature spirits, and spells. I hold magick, crystals, and herbalism close to my heart. I worship goddesses, wear malas, pray to the moon, and find my soul path in the stars. I choose to believe in what makes me happy, content, and brave. Because when I embody my intuitive self I am the closest to my truth.

Special thanks to my parents for encouraging me to be myself. 

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