My Honest Spring Intentions

Ebb & Flow With My Emotional Tide

I want to remember that I am feeling a certain way for a reason and I need to honor that feelings that have presented themselves. I want to flow, listen, and nurture my emotions and tend to them. I think it’s important to understand why I’m feeling a certain way, discover the roots and the core to the emotion. I want to establish  a mindfulness of feeling.

Deepen My Lunar Practice

I have a sacred connection to the moon already but I want to develop a practice of monthly rituals, tracking, journaling, and meditation. I find this important for mu spiritual and emotional self. This can also create opportunities for my blogs and social media platforms. By deepening this ritual, I want to develop a morning horoscope reading every Monday.

Activate A Weekly Communication With My Guides

I want to stay in touch with my sacred guides: Tara, Mother Nature, Skeeters, and the Fae. Listening more will be the key to developing the relationships. I want to open myself up to their messages by doing an oracle reading every Sunday.

Manifest A Chakra Practice

Through research, meditation, and sound. I want to keep in touch with the divine lights within me, strengthening, aligning, and activating them. This will blend into my yoga practice as well.

Creative Fluidity

Art is something that I am drawn to. There are no rules, only creation. I want to spend more time doing crafts such as coloring, drawing, painting, beading, writing, and collage work. I think that sitting down twice a week to write for my blogs will help my creativity flow. It will give me the space to remove any blockages and pressures that I put on myself. Taking more time to blog will help me get back into a rhythm.

Flourish In A Female Community

I am so grateful to work at a company that has a female CEO and has a large female population. I have made so many amazing friends at work! I want to look into taking more classes that are women based like women circles, sound meditations, working classes (etc). I want to continue to surround myself with divine energy and the empowering vibe of women!




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