How to Honor The Spring Equinox

Today the balance of nature lies in the hands of Ostara, the Celtic goddess of spring and dawn. With the new moon shifting into a its waning energy, the fine line of light and dark intertwine. This creates a structure of renewal that allows us to welcoming the rising sun with clarity. A time of rebirth, shedding the layers of the past.

We must accept change, keep our heart open to the opportunities that rise. We must tend to the garden of ideas within, nurturing projects that we have left unfinished or haven’t begun yet. This is a time of light, a year to work from the heart yet have a grounded connection to the mind.

Spring is the mirror we need to see and honor our journey so far. This equinox brings awareness towards the past, giving us the fluid strength and knowledge we need to reign the season with bliss.

How to Honor The Spring Equinox

  • Journal your affirmations and intentions for this spring season till May 1st (Beltane).
    • What do you want to manifest?
    • What are you feeling?
    • What is this shift in season inspiring?
  • Focus your yoga flow on the heart chakra, the center point to your wellbeing. Work on heart openers to send love inward and towards the universe. All winter we focused on grounded and tending o our roots, and on that spring, has arrived we can bloom.
  • Give an offering to the Earth. This can be a crystal, an herb, a piece of food (etc.) By offering your gratitude the universe and nature spirits will reward you.

Crystals that bring forth springtime energy:

  • Amethyst: divine wisdom, physic visions, ambition,
  • Aquamarine: rebirth, fluid emotions, inward reflection
  • Moonstone: cycle, goddess, fertility of creativity, mysticism
  • Rose Quartz: center, compassion, mindfulness, strength
  • Moss Agate: peace, reclaiming, balance, creation


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