Yogi in a City

Living in a blustering city is a blend of convenience, modern beauty, and chaos. The commutes are crowded with different personalities, the sidewalks are overflowing with energy, and the city lights seem to never dim.

It was hard to leave behind the forest preserves and home garden, trading it all in for a forest of iron and glass. The hecticness of the city was hard to adjust to, the constant need to keep moving was exhausting. Everyone was rushing to get places, moving quickly through the crowd.

When it came to adjusting to my surroundings I started the process by simply walking around, exploring the blocks around my apartment. I was easing my thirst for nature by discovering lake Michigan only two blocks away, a park near by, and the Lincoln Park Zoo in walking distance from my new home. I started to appreciate the tree-lined streets, the gardens from the brownstones around us, and the crows that perched on the buildings roof across the street.

When it came to remaining grounded, connected to myself, and finding peace I established a sustainable practice of daily yoga and walking. These simple tools became the roots to my balance.

The key to truly finding balance in the chaos of your environment is to never forget your true self, the passions that bring you joy. So often, we loose sight of the simple things that impact us the most.

It’s the 20 minute walk to work in the morning that gets my day started with a fire in my belly, it’s the flow before work that allows me to align my body and mind, it’s the walk home from work, the cuddles time with the bunnies, and the kiss from my boyfriend that give me the strength I need to rise the following day.

Always take the time each day to do what makes you happy, trust me… I’m a yogi in a city.



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