Ways To Reconnect With Your Food

Within the modern age of grocery stores and online food services, we have lost the connection to our food. Our bodies have become disconnected from the source in which our food comes from.

Ways To Reconnect With Your Food

Visit your local farmers market. Taking the time to walk around the market allows you to establish relationship with the farmers and respect the process of how the produce is grown.

Visit a local farm. There are tons of farms that have picking seasons which invite you to go into their fields and harvest their crops such as berries, apples, pumpkins, oranges. I visited a raspberry farm an picked tons of berries for only a small donation of $10. (image below).

Grow your own garden. During the month of May you can begin collecting seeds and certain plants to begin your garden. This year I grew tomatoes, 2 types of kale, 4 types of peppers, pineapple sage, lemon balm, spinach, lavender, basil, thyme, watermelon, jasmine, mint, and saliva. When growing your own food it allows you to connect with the earth. It’s special to watch your plants grow, you watch the magical process of nature doing its work. Even indoor gardens help because during the winter times you can still have that sense of connection.

Try cooking your meals from scratch. By working with ingredients and blending them together allows you to use your creativity. When I cook my meals I take my time and enjoy the process, savoring the moments of creating art with food.


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