Goddess Sabrina Riccio

Sabrina Riccio is a Medicine Priestess, Spiritual Mentor, and Host of Sovereign Goddess Podcast. She is a cosmic force of divine energy and loving light. I came across her when on Instagram and I fell in love with her vision, voice, and story. She is a woman on a mission to empower others through yoga, meditation, and all things goddess. Sabrina is the balance of earth and universe, with a core to welcome women into the Golden Era!


What is your personal mantra?

Honor the Journey. Trust the Process.

When we want to actualize our dreams, it takes time for us to become a vibrational match to what it is we truly desire. Along the way, trauma, pain, and opportunities for forgiveness may come up. Twist and turns are inevitable. Sometimes we take the scenic route. It enriches our life’s experience and gifts us the opportunity of compassion.

Sovereign Queen. 📷 @leesamasson


How did you come to realize your dharma?

Since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a motivational speaker and someone who helped contribute to the greatest good. I also knew I was the black sheep because I saw the world differently than my classmates. Even when I was in the fifth grade, I asked my DARE officer that came in why cannabis is considered “bad” if it’s helping cancer patients. So now, being able to look back in my life up until now, I embrace being a psychedelic sheep. I know I’m here to help make this world vibrant and alive through my presence and me sharing my gifts and the lessons and blessings I’ve learned along my scenic route.

What are some of your daily rituals?

I do my morning Sadhana when I wake up. Kundalini Yoga has played such a pivotal role in my healing and my connection to God, so to be able to start my day with that, allows me to align to my Sat Nam, my Truth, knowing that I’m here to serve the highest good. I also have been reading A Course in Miracles everyday for the past 5 years. That was a major catalyst in healing my mindset from the PTSD and the deep-rooted depression I carried for years. I also have too many oracle card decks, but I love them. The fact that there are so many more people coming out with decks and I get to support them with their dreams and they help me as I continue to actualize mine, I’m forever grateful. I also spend time outside everyday to connect with Mamma Gaia and the infinite blessings to be able to connect with nature and wildlife helps me connect to my innate being and my Truth.

Why is Female Leadership is essential for universal growth?

Female Leadership is essential, but it’s not the answer. If we really want to experience Universal Growth, we need Leadership. Period. We have to stop categorizing Leadership as Male Leadership or Female Leadership, which just creates more separation. And if we want to be able to actualize and witness Heaven on Earth aka the new (ancient) paradigm, we have to come together and work together in Leadership. I think it’s awesome that women are reclaiming their power back, but we have to also realize that many men are hurting as well. Hurt people hurt people. And the truth is, as women are healing their inner masculine after having been told that we have to “survive in a man’s world,” we have to also recognize that many men have suppressed their inner feminine because they too we’re conditioned to “man up.” So the truth is, the Divine Feminine is rising and she’s helping lead the way to offer compassion, but truth is, we must too help and encourage the Divine Masculine to soften a little more and be willing to open up. Once the masks come off that many of our men are carrying, and the women continue to consciously empower themselves, we’ll be able to harmonize the masculine + feminine energy that’s truly needed for Universal Growth.

Rise like the Phoenix. 📷 @pandther

What are some ways to awaken the Divine within?

Remembering you are Divine and made in the likeness of the Divine is definitely the first step. Being in a space and state of inspiration allows me to stay connected to the Divine because I am In-Spirit. Allowing yourself to live your truth, your Sat Nam, and to come from a space of understanding, receptivity, and overall presence allows me to connect with the Divine that Surrounds me and is within me. Do the things that make you feel alive, healthy, and contributing to the greater good. Share your talents and gifts. Allow yourself to show up in the world. These are my favorite ways to awaken and tap into the Divine within.

How has yoga weaved its way into your daily living?

As I mentioned, my daily sadhana. It’s recently been a game-changer because I finally found a morning routine that really works for me and helps me heal myself and connect to my Truth. Yoga is union and as I’ve been sharing, truly honoring my own inner masculine + feminine energy has been crucial and so clutch. Through the structures and discipline, I’m able to flow in my Shakti and since my life is devoted to serve the Divine to the best of my ability, being in a space of total surrender and faith starts at my meditation corner everyday.


With the New Year rising to the occasion, what are some spiritual goals that are perfect for a resolution?

Allow yourself to be yourself. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Allow yourself to be in spirit. To do the things that light you up. To recognize the relationship between all things. Realizing that we are all energy. Once you remember those truths, A Course in Miracles reminds us, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” That means if you really and I mean really are ready to manifest and actualize what it is you want and that thing has the intention to serve the highest good, that’s real. Everything else is from your illusion. So if you want to actualize your resolutions, know your sacred why.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to nurture their wellbeing?

Do the things that make you feel the most alive. Take time to rest and have fun! Remember your sacred why. And of course, patience pays. You are clearing and healing lifetimes and generational pain and trauma within you. You doing the work is contributing to healing the greater good. Stay in your own lane, but don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sabrina Butterfuly

What was the best advice you were ever given?

“You’re going to be fine.” Marianne Williamson told me this when I was at my rock bottom. I was going through deep trauma, delusion, and pain after being struck by lighting and a difficult psychedelic trip that made me face my demons, shadow and pain. At that point, I was in such a pit, I hid from the world and dove in deep to heal myself as I became a student of A Course in Miracles. After being in a 4 year sabbatical to heal and find myself, I’ve been able to come to a place where I can share my experience and to encourage others that they’re going to be fine too.

What does Goddess mean to you?

A Goddess is a female who knows herself. A female who loves herself. She lives with authenticity. She is a sovereign leader who is a protector of the planet. She lives her life on purpose and with intention. She recognizes that she is the embodiment of Divine Spirit and one with the cosmic heart. She understands + recognizes that everything is on Divine Purpose and Order. She lives in the mystery, trusting Spirit to move through her freely with grace and ease. She’s on a mission to make the world a brighter, more loving place. She is a messenger brought here to help anchor in the sacred reunion of Heaven on Earth. She lives unapologetically. She is aligned with the Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine that thrives within her. She lives courageously. She is a wild woman who is here to rise. She is the alchemist who turns everything into love. She leads by example. She is a global citizen. A spiritual activist. A lover of life. A sister. A friend.


Cover Photo 📷 @leesamasson

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