What Would Happen If You Listened To Your Body?

What would happen if you listened to your body, every moment of everyday?

This is an important question to ask yourself, especially with the new year arriving. It’s not to say that you don’t already listen to your body but rather bringing an awareness to the fact that you can deepen your practice.

Our bodies are constantly shifting and evolving with each action we take and thought we create. Our emotions tend to be the driving force on how our bodies react to situations, entailing waves of ups, downs, and moments of calm. Like an ocean we ebb and flow, keeping track of any storms brewing within.

Listening to the body is an intuitive practice, and act of self-awareness. There is a magick to knowing when to tend to your self, an ancient vibe of nurturing. It’ our sixth sense, something that gives us a light to dive inward.

There is a beauty in knowing your body, an art of true honest devotion. When we think of our bodies as our home, temple, and sacred ground, we find ourselves pausing, kneeling to pray and listen. It is with that divine notion, that we awaken, we become rooted in the fluidity of what our body needs.

Listening to the body can be described as either spiritual or primal, but at the end of the day its always individual.

With the growth that we are constantly manifesting, there is rest that must follow. And with that acknowledgment we grasp to the needed selfishness. Courage is the core to self-care, it take a strong person to have a heart-to-heart with themselves. Because when you take the time to observe your emotions you obtain the truth.

Some Acts Of Self-Care For Your Body

  • Yoga + Meditation
  • Nature Walks
  • Herbal Baths
  • Sleeping
  • Eating Healthing
  • Art: Reading, Painting, Photography

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Listen – Heal – Grow


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