The Season of Gratitude

Winter is coming and the holiday season has arrived. The stress of traveling, family gatherings, and the abundance of rich foods welcomes itself into our lives.


A Grateful Heart Is a Magnet for Miracles” – Gabrielle Bernstein

Gratitude becomes something that grounds us during the beautiful chaos. There is an earthiness to being grateful, an ancient, vulnerable, and sacred practice. It’s during the storm of to-do lists, we stand in the center to cherish the tempest.

Ways To Welcome Gratitude:

Yoga was built on the foundation of gratitude, to give thanks to the body and soul. Stepping onto the mat has a way of fading everything around us and letting our focus be in our breath and movement, our prana. It’s in that moment, courage and grace intertwine.

Meditation is a cozy space in our mind that we can visit when we seek rest. Stress craves comfort and meditation is the perfect blanket. It’s a stillness, when our breath becomes our guide inward.

Praying is more than honoring a higher being but being devoted to yourself. By using crystals and an alter, you sit with your gratitude.

Spending Time With Family is a way to give your gratitude substance and texture, to really feel its presence. Love has roots and your family is the base of it all.

Eating Mindfully allows you to nourish your body with what you crave but in a healthy way. Food is the a reflection of our wellbeing and indulging is an act of self-care.


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