Chicago Ideas: A World With(out)

Below is my the wisdom I loved during this amazing talk on Oct 17th 2017.


John Mackey (Whole Foods Market CEO)

  • “Capitalism needs a moral code”
  • “Life is too short to not do what you love”
  • “Consciousness is a gradually things, a process throughout my life.”
  • “Whole foods originally was hippies selling food to hippies”
  • “Following my own heart, following my purpose”
  • “Turn off social media and turn on your being”
  • “When you are excited about something and follow a passion, you create a business”
  • “All the mistakes I made taught me all the lessons who made me into the person I am today”
  • “When we are faced with incredible stress, use the energy that fear is creating to open your heart wider, which will take you higher”

Whole Foods Business Values: 

  1. Every Business has the potential for a higher purpose
  2. All stakeholders matter
  3. Different kind of leadership
  4. Create a culture we flourish


Jessamyn Stanley (Every Body Yoga)

  • “Do what you body needs”
  • “Yoga is a genuine conversion with yourself”
  • “Yoga doesn’t have anything to do with what your body looks like”
  • “To hate myself is what I first learned to do”
  • “Fat Positivity & Fat Acceptance”
  • “In a constant state of learning about the self”
  • “I’m a recovering body shaming addict”
  • “It was so cleansing to get out of myself”
  • “So much of the yoga journey is looking into yourself”



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