SarahBethYoga Is Back!

Sarah Beth is a woman to admire. She is a mother, wife, yoga teacher, and mindful youtuber who has been leading over 200,000 yogis online for over 5 years. After giving birth and taking time to rest, Sarah Beth is back with a new look, more videos and an exclusive app!


What is your personal mantra?

My personal mantra at the moment is “Seasons Of Life”. I’ll say it to myself, and those around me, as reminder that It’s easy to feel like your current situation is your always situation when it is far from the truth. It’s just a season of life. Right now I’m quite busy with work but I’m sleeping well and quite content emotionally. Just months ago my season of life had zero work (I took a break) and I was adjusting to a new home and schedule with little to no stress. Just months before that my season of life had a lot of interrupted sleep (newborn) and crazy mood swings with overwhelm, stress and loneliness. Everything passes. Nothing lasts forever. There will be busy seasons and slower seasons. This mantra helps me remember that things will can and will change so enjoy this season for what it is.


How did you passion for yoga come about?

I was searching for a way to exercise and relieve stress when I was 16 years old and took a free yoga class at a local studio. I was humbled and intimidated by the strong bodies around me but I left feeling on top of the world. I chased that feeling and continued going to class. Soon I realized that the benefits I was gaining from yoga were not just physical but mental and emotional as well. In the last 11 years I’ve used yoga to sculpt a strong body, test my perceived limits of strength, manage stress and anxiety, cope with grief and loss, and become more compassionate, patient and calm.


How has motherhood changed the way you see your body?

I used to scrutinize my body, even at my strongest and healthiest I wasn’t satisfied with my body. I wish I was better educated to understand that with my body type I can either have an ample chest or a washboard stomach, but not both. Now I have a greater appreciation for my body! Once I got pregnant I viewed my body with a whole new purpose, and saw my body as beautiful before, during and I imagined after. It was like a veil was lifted. My body was incredible before, strong and fit, and I wasted SO MUCH energy thinking it wasn’t good enough! The problem with that mindset is that my expectations were so unrealistic that it would have never been good enough. Well I’m 16 months postpartum now and although the first couple of months were different than I imagined – I lost the weight VERY slowly, I am even more in love with my body now than I’ve ever been. I’m still working on gaining physical strength and may  still be 10 lbs more than my pre-baby weight but I no longer waste time and energy being unsatisfied, and thinking that it’s not good enough.  I have a new confidence and appreciation for the female form. I feel like a woman. I look like a woman.



Do you find yoga to be a great tool for women struggling with postpartum depression? Why?

Absolutely. Just the ritual of unrolling your mat and taking time to yourself each day can be a powerful practice in self-care. Even if you only do child’s pose that day!

As a mother, wife, and working woman, how did you find time for yourself and what do you do for self-care?

I’ve found that communicating my needs with my husband has been KEY for me to stay healthy. Before I expected him to understand that I need more sleep, or that I need to take a shower, or just time to myself. Now we’ve found a good groove where he wakes with the baby around 5:30am (I KNOW) and I can sleep in until 7am. And in the evenings he comes home to play with the baby while I have a little time to myself, or he’ll make dinner if I’m feeling frazzled. He’s been so helpful and our communication has made such a big difference. Also, taking our son to the child center at the gym has been a great way for me to get some time to workout, shower, and pamper myself while he gets to play and explore. It was hard at first, dropping him off there, but now he loves it and it’s made me so much healthier! 1 last thing I’ve adopted lately was a morning stroller walk to the park. Around 8am most days we leave to walk a mile through a beautiful open space to the park. Sometimes I jog, sometimes I lunge walk, but most days I walk and sip on my coffee. He gets fresh air and a park to play in and I get plenty of exercise first thing in the morning.


What are some of the difficulties you experienced with running your own business?

Finding a balance! I tend to get hyper-focused on whatever it is that I’m working on and I’ve noticed that I have this mindset that if I do more now then I won’t have to do so much later, but there never is a later! So I’m working on balance, on saying no, and compartmentalizing my time so I can appreciate time with my family when I’m not working, and be totally focused when I am working.

What advice do you have for women who want to create a career based on their passion?

Start now. Draw a mindmap, create a vision board, start talking about your dreams and goals and you’ll find people who will inspire you and want to support you. Do your research, listen to podcasts on the subject, read blog posts and books related to the business you want to get in. It may seem overwhelmingly impossible but IT IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE to have a career that you’re passionate about. If it was easy that everyone would do it so stay strong, stay focused, and trust that if you just keep chipping away at what needs to get done that you’ll get there. I didn’t make any income the first few years while teaching yoga online, but I had a blast learning and researching. I stuck to it, listened to podcasts everyday, did tons of research,  lived and breathed online business and marketing and eventually was able to replace my income as a chiropractic assistant, then years later I launched a membership site and members-only app. It is thrilling to be able to provide for my family, connected with hundreds of thousands of women all over the world, and teach a “modern day yoga” all at the same time.



What yogi-inspire tips do you have for those who want to strengthen their yoga practice in the New Year?

To make a habit you need to build it into your own routine. Morning yoga is great because you can “check it off your list.” Make a space that you can dedicate to your practice each morning, follow a calendar or a challenge so the videos are already selected for you (like the Month Of Yoga Challenge!) and when you wake up in the morning roll onto your mat and trust that the next 10-15 minutes will set a calm and relaxed pace for your day. Of course this might mean waking up a bit earlier but trust me the results outweigh whatever you get from staring at your phone for an extra hour each night 😉

Looking back on your life and then looking at child, what piece of meaningful advice will you give your son when he old enough to understand?

In all the world there is no one else like you. You are uniquely you, and when you ARE you, and when you LOVE you, then others will see you for who you are and love you for who you are. Marketing and society will take every attempt to train you to think that you are not good enough, and that you need to look/act/be a certain way. But if you live your whole life wanting to be someone else then you’ve missed the point. You know who you are. Deep down you have your own set of beliefs and passions. Pull those out and explore yourself. Own yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs, your successes and your mistakes. Trust that you know the way. Be you. Love you. You are literally the coolest person I know. And i’m not just saying that because I’m your mom.


How has yoga changed the way you experience everyday life?

Yoga has given me a way to connect with my body and physical movement that feels like a dance, at times it is sensual and fluid, at other times it is sweaty and challenging, and sometimes it is exactly the relaxing and low energy experience that I need. Through yoga I’ve transformed my body, mind and perspective, and it’s a daily practice that evolves with me as I grow and experience new exciting and challenging areas of life.

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