Why Do You Yoga?

What does it mean to step onto our mat?

It’s more than showing up and taking the time. It’s deeper.

But in all honesty, everyone has a different reason they step onto their mat. A unique motivation, an emotional pulse. Like roots buried within the layers of earth, the core to it all is secured away. And it takes time to dig it all up, to find the true reason for our devotion.

No matter why we step onto our mat, there is always a courage that’s embraced when we tend to our Self. It’s a lifestyle, a ritual, a scared practice. A mantra, promise, and anthem to continue your practice. It’s Yoga Every Damn Day.

If you struggle with stepping onto the mat every day, try finding what will ignite that sacred ritual. For me it was wanting to heal my body image issues which was rooted to anxiety and depression. It was heavy. A shadow that didn’t fade no matter how many weights I lifted, burpees I attempted and squats I did when no one was looking. I was sad, empty, and aiming for a perfection that was imperfect for me.

Yoga healed me. Gave me a release that was calming and awakening all at the same time. It removed me from the mindset that I had to look a certain way. It provided me with the rawness of finding what felt good. It was in the vulnerability of each time I flowed that I became stronger, wiser, more grateful.

And with all forms of yoga comes gratitude. The kind of gratitude that is earthy, mystical, and sensitive. It’s in those moments of savasana,  one chaotic silence, that we open. We feel our blood coursing through, heartbeat, and the earth on our back. We come into focus.

Like an echo, we will make our way back home, to the self. It just takes time and patience. Our perspective becomes layered, more complex and yet we find simplicity and meaning in the smallest things. It’s in that awareness that our emotional body evolves.

Yoga has the ability to teach us more about ourselves each time we flow. Yoga is a guru, goddess, and therapist all in one. Giving us the permission to trust ourselves, to listen and find the answers within our movement.

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