You Can Begin Again

Everyday when we rise, we embrace a new beginning. Sometimes its in our control and others times we feel like some higher power is playing a role. That’s the beauty of it though, the unknown.

To begin again with each shift of perspective, emotion, and action that we take or receive, is where true growth occurs. It’s within the chaos of evolution that we find peace among lessons. A reflection time where we can honor the rings along our trunks, the marks of eras that created who we are.

The shadows of our past are not there to haunt but to make the light illuminate even brighter, to cast the shadows into view as reminders of how far we’ve come. Our pasts are echos of light and darkness, the emergence of the self.

Our courage lives in the embers of our spirit, a guide, a warmth in our bellies that reminds us of our true power. Our inner kingdom is our intuition, we rule the throne of divine vibes, emotionally driven to conquer with compassion and not fear.

It’s when we feel broken that we are able to see the beauty that we hold. Our vulnerability is what roots us to this earth, deepening, from body to soles of our earthly connection.

Emotional clarity occurs when we take the time to listen, to feel what wants to be felt. Depths of our ocean, we dive deeper. Fluid, burst open, we flow. Blissful. Our devotion to the self is what keeps us honest and loved.

Like a cosmic awakening, our reflection provides us with all the answers we seek.


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