True Bravery

Bravery is bold, strong, and aware.

It’s not a knight in shining armor or a battlefield, but rather a word that embodies honesty. To be brave is to honor what presents itself, listening to the push and pull of our intuitive tide.

Self-care is bravery. Self-love is bravery.

The Self is brave.

Bravery starts as a feeling and evolves into an action. It’s the blend of courage, respect and worthiness that brings us to honesty, the core of bravery. It’s tapping into our emotional roots, choosing to tend to ourselves inward.

Making a choice based on what we find within.

I recently nurtured my bravery, embraced it. I decided to leave my job and to embark on a new journey. I honored myself, my feelings, and manifested an action. I chose to be brave. I chose to listen to my intuitive tide.

How can you be brave?

What would it feel like?

Your strength develops in the silence between thoughts. The moments where only light seeps in. Grow into the roots that you’ve planted. Nurture. Listen to your ocean breath and beating heart, the rhythm of your existence is beautiful.

Art Credit: Charlie Bowater

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