Self-Care: A Divine Notion

Loving ourselves is a cycle of reflection, acceptance, and growth. It’s a divine notion that our bodies are creations of earth, a personal ecosystem. Bones, blood, breath, water.

We are fluid and structured like our yoga practice. We bend and fold with grace and still find control within the form. Bowing to ourselves because we feel worthy. With ocean breath we feel the rise and fall of our rib cage. Echos of our spirit sighing with relief when we pull back to our bodies, resonating to what feels goods.

Diving inward, our feminine spirit awakens, like roses, grasping the dawn with open arms. True magic lies nestled between the cracks within us. Broken on the surface but strong within. We become goddess, warriors of our bodies.

Tending to the garden of ourselves, we flourish, because honest self-care thrives in the organic sunlight of our attention. With a mystic touch, we graze our skin with such kindness. We become in tune with our senses, craving self-devotion.

Enlightenment reigns when you practice truth. When you crown yourself worthy of affection. Trust life and yourself. For evolution occurs when you find inspiration amidst the chaos of self-awareness.

Self-Care Advice:

  • Mantras: Balance. Enliven. Breathe. Trust.
  • Have patience with the practice.
    • Give yourself the credit for showing up, for making your wellbeing a priority.
  • Connect with Goddess & Divine Feminine Energy.
    • Surround yourself with women, Meditate, Garden, Hike, and/or Pray (etc).
      • Crystals: Danburite, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Citrine, Labradorite, Fluorite, and/or Moonstone.
  • Do something today that ignites the wildfire within you.
    • Happiness comes from doing what makes you feel good, inspired, and loved.
      • Do a yoga flow, Paint, Create a bouquet, Meditate with your crystals, Visit your family, Connect with someone new, Get outside (etc).


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