Yoga Every Day: A Journey Back to the Mat

Stepping onto the mat every day is a practice, a devotion to your Self. It takes time for it to become a ritual, but when it does, it’s empowering. Self-love and self-care are not selfish acts but an acceptance that you are worthy.

Two months ago, I was struggling with my workout routine. Missing days due to lack of energy, an abundance of stress. Waking up feeling stiff, wanting to sleep more and getting home from work only wanting to rest. Quickly it became a toxic cycle of not taking the time for my Self.

I started to notice how my lack of exercise was affecting my mood, eating habits, and physical energy. I was becoming depressed, craving foods for comfort, and finding my Self worn down. There’s a guiltiness that arrives when you stop checking in.

But it’s in that tempest of fury and self-abandonment that we find hope, the desire to feel something more.

I spent many days researching ways to feel better. A part of me already knew what I had to do. It wasn’t a juice cleanse or a cycling class that was going to get me on the right track, no, it was me deciding that I was worthy. It was scary committing to my Self, it’s a lot of pressure to show up for your Self

It’s a lot of pressure to show up for your Self EVERY DAY. Yet, it’s in that pressure and commitment where true evolution occurs.

I slowly started to get on my mat in the mornings and felt my Self shedding away all the energy that I had become accustomed to. It was a conscious shift that left me in a state of wonderment.

I became drawn to my mat for what it made me feel. My mat gave me the time to be present with my Self and to move. My body craved it, the fluid movement and breath. My practice grew into morning and evening routines, an awakening and alignment of who I was and what I wanted to feel.

Yoga is mystical and practical all at the same time. It’s about stepping onto the mat and bowing to yourself, the divine. Truly feeling it, the beating of your heart and your ocean breath.

Bowing to the life within.

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