Creating a Vision Board

What do you want? What do you desire, crave, imagine?

What ignites you?

Inspires you? Warms your belly? Makes you smile?

Do That.

Follow the Feeling.

When it comes to creating a vision board, you need to start with a vision. Understanding what you want and collecting mantras, images, words and phrases that allow you to feel that way. Having a tangible vision board is powerful, crafted with your hands rather than online.

Vison boards can be any size or shape. When it comes to piecing together your vision, no rules, no boundaries. It’s a beautiful process of collecting things that resonate with you, your desired feeling. Devoting your time to create a vision board is sacred, a practice of mindfulness and tending to yourself. Think of it as a form of mediation and radical self-love.

Creates a space. Set up a mini studio to begin your project. Candles, a cup of tea, crystals, statues and artwork. You can set up your space in your living room or backyard, it’s about creating your own sanctuary, wherever that may be.

Get your tools. Magazines, online printouts, old photos, fabric scraps, stickers, markers, and scissors (etc). A collage of materials is what manifests into an inspiring piece.

Follow your intuition. Do what feels good when it comes to putting everything together. You’re not making this vision board for anyone else but yourself, there are no expectations or requirements for you to meet, only that you find comfort in what you made.

Display with love. Find a place to hang your board that you will allow you to see it throughout your day. I keep an empowering board at my desk and a travel board in my bedroom. Discover what place will give you the most interaction and stick with it. Make it a practice, a ritual to truly look and acknowledge your broad.

Your wellbeing is rooted to self-care. Visions boards are great ways to illuminate ambition and to awaken the self. Nourish your desires, dive inward and follow the feeling.


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