Chasing the New Moon

The new moon rises this Friday, casting its alluring shadow across dreamy eyes. The new moon is a symbol of growth, healing, and inner refection. By the guidance of this moon you will experience a rush of emotions towards the surface.

Your body will find itself wanting to release and renew itself through expression. It’s almost like your emotional tide is being pulled by the moon, beckoning you to let go.

Self-care is very important during the new moon. Bathing with crystals, essential oils and salts help draw out negativity that has latched onto you. Embrace the silky water and let is comfort you, a reminder that you are supported.

Goddess like White Tara, Artemis, Kuan Yin and Arianrhod, are perfect to pray and connect with during this lunar reign. Seek guidance, be vulnerable, begin to heal.

The style of lunar yoga that you should embrace on a new moon need to be reflective and warming. Focus on a flow that heats the body and keeps your mindful of each move. It’s important to stay present, to root yourself to the hazy moments of growth.

Now is the time to start collecting your visions and set intentions. This dark moon teaches us to illuminate the things that we may have forgotten about or placed aside. When it comes to grounding your intentions, focus on how you want to feel rather than the action.

How do you want to feel?

Empowered? Vulnerable? Loved?

Take time to nurture that question. Write every word that comes to your head. Let those thoughts flow onto the page without judgment or hesitation. Once you get everything down, start narrowing your focus.

What words resonate the most with you?

Continue to focus in on each word, to feel them. Narrow them down future, peel back the flesh of their presence to get to the bones of it all. You will end up with 2-3 mantras that inspire you, words that embody how you want to feel in your life right now.

This lunar cycle is directed towards feeling and discovering how much you have grown, spiritually and emotionally. The new moon is an illusion, a divine guide that teaches us to illuminate within ourselves. Our energy fields shine among the starlight and we find ourselves bathing in the love of the universe.

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