I Don’t Fit My Clothes and I’m Happy About It.

Over the weekend I tried on all my short and work pants that I wore last summer and I don’t fit any of them. My butt is bigger, my thighs are stronger and my hips are thicker with love. Instead of getting upset I accepted that my body has changed. I’m a woman. I have curves and thickness in areas I didn’t have before.

When it comes to gaining weight, filling out, loosing weight, or simply just remaining the same, we have a tendency to react with judgement. We have this need to blame, to reason with a situation by finding something to direct the conflict towards.

In this case, we direct that collection of emotions toward our bodies. We make ourselves an easy target. “You’re Fat.” “You don’t look good.” “Ugh, I’m not pretty.” “I hate my body.” sometimes.” We react with such passion because we feel such depth when it comes to our bodies.

Our culture has been telling us how we should look for eons, and when we find ourselves outside that mold, we crumble. The pressures of not accepting our bodies for themselves is what causes us to collide with ourselves, it divides our sense of seeing a situation for what it is and finding a way to solve it.

When i found myself not able to fit my clothes, I didn’t break down. Instead I chose to accept the moment and move on. I found myself excited to get new clothes, I wanted to find items that made me feel confident and comfortable.

After years and years of hating my body, I was moved, inspired, and simply proud of myself for being  able to take the vulnerable moment and find motivation in it. Because self-love is more then just acknowledgement, it’s taking that acceptance and growing with it.

Love your body for what it is, your home.

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