The Rabbit Hole of “Clean Eating”

Social media is a part of our daily lives. From news to a connecting with friends, we find ourselves hooked on the web of instant information and gratification. We struggle with comparing ourselves to others, filtering images and content to show the good side of everything.

There are so many great movements happening on social media in regards to showing every layer of ourselves, a no filter perspective on how we feel and live. Instagram is known for taking the #nobullshit movement and making it mainstream.

Women are starting to talk more about their bodies, periods, and sexuality (etc). Examples: embracing cellulite, no makeup selfies, writing about their days with an honest voice.

With everything good there is also a dark side and when it comes to Instagram, food is taking the spotlight. Clean Eating is the new fad on all social platforms, sharing extremely healthy and colorful meals. It’s attracting Instagramers because it gets a lot of likes, followers, and praise (#goals).

Clean eating is a very restrictive diet that focuses on more fruits and veggies and tends to leave out dairy, meat, sugar. All whole and non processed foods, with the perspective of putting something colorful and  pretty on the plate. Think of it as the juice fad but with solid food.

When it comes to displaying your food habits on social media, it tends to put a pressure on yourself and others to eat a certain way. “People with a history of disordered eating are especially vulnerable when it comes to restrictive diets.”

As someone who struggled with eating disorders in high school, I know what it feels like to be wanting to live up to the standards I see around me. Even now, I find myself wanting to share meals that are “Instagram worthy.”

Diets are intriguing on social media because they look so colorful, healthy and show the person living with #bodygoals. It’s so easy to fall into the pressure and allure of perfection.

Its not really the food itself that is making people strive for a “clean eating” diet but rather the lifestyle that comes with it, the notoriety of being someone with self-control.

If we were to remove the concepts of diets and  focus on honest eating, we would be able to show the layers of ourselves with no filter. Whether it’s a cookie or a salad, sharing how to love our bodies and find balance in what we eat, will make the healthy living movement more realistic.

Inspired by this Article.

Eat with Love

An EcoFitYogi philosophy, simple and loving. No counting calories or worrying about the numbers on the nutrition label, instead focusing your energy on the ingredients you eat. Using a daily mantra and writing down the ingredients of each meal, you will inspire healthy eating habits and get an overall look of what your eating lifestyle looks like.

Learn to nourish your body with kindness and respect, choose to Eat with Love.

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