Self-Care Rituals for a Full Moon

Tonight the rose full moon rises, its also known as the Flower or Strawberry Moon. Its pinkish hues and small size, give it a graceful presence in the night sky. The lunar cycle is a magical, empowering, and simple beautiful process. As the moon cycles, we find ourselves evolving under its silvery light.

The full moon is a symbol of manifestation, mystical intuition, and divine connection. A time for us to reconnect our physical body with our spiritual self. We find ourselves more in tune with our emotions and inspired to take action.

Casting goals into the ground of growth, Intentions blossom and our dreamy eyes begin again.

5 Self-Care Rituals for a Full Moon

Crystal Bath:  healing the body and mind, by soaking in the warm water. Its a time for mediation and refection. The muscle loosen and your chakras relax, you become open to the flow of life. Use crystals like rose quartz (compassion), aquamarine (release), and moonstone (divine feminine).

Yoga: movement is kindness, an awakening practice. Look within, examine, reflect, grow. Stand tall, accept the chaos and ground yourself, bury roots deep within the earth. Yoga is when you step onto your mat with the intention to move without boundaries. Listen to your body, find the courage in just moving in ways that make you feel good.

Meditation: release yourself from thoughts, feelings, and people that no longer suit you. Take time to really reflect on your growth and find strength in that evolution. You are a beautiful and complex being that deserves heart and mind connection. Find balance and strength in your ability to simply breathe.

Dream Board: a collection of inspiration. Mantras, words, images ans texture that motivate you to life a life you love. Its a collage of all the thins you want to manifest during the next moon cycle. Focus on the emotions you want experience, how do you want to feel?

Intention Offering: write down your intentions on a piece of paper and burn it. Setting the piece of paper a flame, the ashes are used as an offer for higher guidance. If you don’t feel comfortable burning your intentions, place the paper on your alter to honor your goal.


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