EcoFitYogi – An Interview with Devin

Women should support each other. We are all strong, smart, and beautiful! Let’s lift each other up and find the empowerment in “the power of she.”

Today’s interview is with Devin, the creator of Mystic Moon Tarot & Love, Light & Legacy. She is a Podcaster, Tarot Creator, Mala Maker, Business Coach, and Medium/Intuitive Practitioner. A mother and wife who works everyday doing what she loves.

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What is your personal mantra?
Universe use me as you see fit, let me be all I can be just for today.


How did your passion for spiritual tools come about?
To be honest, I was drawn to my first mala about a year and a half ago. I had been connected to other spiritual tools before hand (tarot cards, and other decks and such) but it was the spark of mindfulness and needing meditation, needing quiet in my life that really peaked my spiritual journey. After a few months and malas later I decided I could do this for me and began creating malas for myself and the public. It really all was simply sparked by curiosity and a need to fill a need I knew I had, even though truth be told, I didn’t exactly know what the need was. That answer came later.



Where did the inspiration come from to start mystic moon tarot?
I’ve always known I had abilities and so when I decided to finally take my life to online mystic moons was born. Ironically I didn’t name her, my husband (boyfriend at the time) did and as you can tell he soon became a keeper. The truth is I’ve loved the moon, wild and free, ever-changing and ever present and the mystic reminds me of old times and old ways. A link of the past brought to the present. Mystic moons, now almost 4 years later is not only a successful business but my life, I once used her as a mask – you see I was going through a nasty divorce at the time of naming and launching her and so mystic moons was me, but also a separation of me just in case any court came inquiring me. Mystic moons was and is my empowerment, my place of both peace and chaos. The place where daily I’m reminded where I’ve been and why I started. Mystic moons was inspired by my need to expand and explore.

Love, light & legacy specializes in meditation tools, what advice do you have for those wanting to begin a mediation practice?
Just. Do. It. *smiles* I don’t mean to sound like a Nike commercial but it’s true! You have to just start and you have to wake up and start again and again. Meditation requires dedication and you deserve that dedication, but don’t be forceful. Realize that if one style or form of meditation or even meditation tool doesn’t work…there are a thousand others! Don’t be afraid to explore, even if you don’t know what you are looking for.


What are some of your daily rituals?
Does breathing count? Seriously mom slash entrepreneur life is rough so I have to stop and ask myself a similar question each day, ‘what ritual, what practice have I done today?” I use the mindful technique a lot…and I mean a lot *smiles* and it’s because it’s instantly gratifying and can be done literally anywhere. Look you don’t need to be fancy or have fancy things or even tons of time on your hands to get down and dirty with spirit. Daily rituals can be intensive as well as stupidly simple. Mine tend to lean on the latter. I practice with pauses. Taking notice of my sons breath on my neck as he at 4 months snuggles up to me. I take notice of the sound the wind makes as it races through the outside world. I show gratitude for all things, everything. I also do simple meditations, ones done in showers or as I fall asleep. My practice is practical.

How has your spirituality helped you through motherhood?
You know I was thinking about this the other day, the differences between my two boys. My first, now four years old and my second almost 4 months. I was in much different places in my life and from back then when I was not active my spiritual walk and intuition and now, I see such change – such difference, such light. Spirituality has assisted my motherhood and if anything helped my family, not me. Spirituality is like breathe, meant to be easy but necessary to live. It has taught me active gratitude as well as the need for patience, aka “the pause” in my life. As well as given me the foundation to be able to build up strong boys who I hope one day will raise their own strong kids.


As a boss lady, how do you find place in work, family, and alone time?
I don’t! Are you kidding me!? *smiles* you know I get the compliment all the time about my work and home life, how well they blend, etc. Or how I “do it all”, but the truth is there is blood, sweat and tears behind these reads, live broadcast, launches and other work. There is insecurities and doubts, successes and failures. I give a lot of thanks to my husband – thank god I married a Taurus (I’m an Aries by the way) because he brings a lot of sense to my nonsense much of the time. But I think the best way to answer this is that my work is my life, my life is my work, my family is my life and my family is my work. Whether mystic moons of love, light and legacy I am doing this for me and for others. I will say I should book in more alone time, it tends to lead to creative sparks for me, but the balance has happened because I’ve allowed the universe work out the balance for me. By trusting in the way things will work out without necessarily trying to work it out I’ve create space to be as well as feel supported.


Has working with your husband strengthened your relationship? How do you establish a work-life balance?
Yes! He is my best friend. We don’t necessarily ‘work’ together often. We have our things, but we collab because we are a family. When I need to get ‘shop stuff’ done he’s right there jumping in to wrangle the boys and vice versa. Personally it’s brought a lot of balance and you lean on me and I on you to our relationship – and I love it.

Many people are intimated by tarot cards, what are ways you use tarot cards?
Thousands! Though tarot can be used for bad/negative a lot of the times its not and it’s most definitely not an outlet for negative energy to come from (such as a ouji board). I personally use tarot for preparation and healing. Don’t let this confuse you with fortune telling or predicting the future, it’s more like reading of the energies at play. I’m big on using the cards as a tool to assist prayer, intention setting and affirmational work.


“I believe in the power of intuition, in chance, in everything unfolding as it should.” How has that mindset influenced the choices you make in your life?
You know, it is how it is. The universe is not out to get you or hurt you – sometimes things just happen. And sometimes like a parent to a child we can’t stop bad things or bad people from more bad things or bad happenings and so we have to stand by and watch / allow. In this situation we are the child and the universe the parent. I’ve experience a lifetime of hurt – stories for another time. But being on the other side of them now I wouldn’t take any of it back because it build me to who I am today. Things unfold as they should because they should. Somethings just suck more than others, but there’s always a reason to lift your chin up and push on. There’s always a reason to believe in yourself.

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