5 Crystals for Self-Love

Crystals are mystical tools of empowerment, manifestation, and healing. An energy frequency that takes us into the past, within ourselves, and envisions the future. Spirituality is a ritual of self-care and self-love, an acknowledgment that your soul is worthy of affection.

There are NO RULES when it comes to crystals, it’s about being creative and open to different energies collaborating. Use your intuition, touch, and visual attraction to find a crystal that works best for you.

Crystals are the perfect partners in a self-love practice. Your supporters, motivators, and friends during times of healing and growth. From crystal baths to dreamy altars, crystals bring a sense of magic into your life.

5 Crystals for Self-Love

Rose Quartz: heart. gentle. compassion. A pink blanket of comfort. kindness. love.

Aquamarine: reflective. healing. intuition. cleansing. flow. forgive. river of thought.

Citrine: solar. bold. confident. warmth. creative. detoxing. growth. inner light.

Garnet: independent. grounding. strong. queen. steadfast. lead with heart.

Moonstone: lunar. bliss. divine. feminine. dreamy. trust. guidance. illumination.


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