108 Wanderlust

Over the weekend, I helped my friend Hannah and her boyfriend John sell their mindful creations, Malabella Jewels.

It was a cluster of sunshine, grey clouds, and dewy earth. The Saturday crowds were few and still sleepy, as I made my way down Michigan Ave. I arrived at Grant Park as the festival was in the process of finishing set up. White tents, colorful flags, and yoga mats decorated the grounds. I made my way to the Malabella Jewels tent, a display of succulents, malas, bracelets, and vibrant tapestries. John was organizing the bracelet display, symmetrical. He gave me hug and I jumped right into helping him artfully get the products laid out.


The sun was gracefully rising higher and higher, basking the jewels in golden hues. People were starting to get up their yoga mats by the stage and warm their muscles for the run. John and I were ready, sipping on water as we waited for our first customer. Yogis, locals, and festival workers headed our ways and we were awaiting their arrival with a smile.


It was blur of business, a blissful kind of chaos that gave me a rush. Hours in and we started to run low of products. The founder, Hannah, was soon to arrive after landing at O’Hare. A collage of heat, sales, and short bathroom breaks. I embraced the rush of being in the selling field. Of explaining the power and beauty of crystals. All the knowledge I had just flowed out of me, I felt at home.

John and I were excited to see Hannah arrive. Her energy lite up the tent and beckoned even more customers to arrive.

Hannah and I found each other on Instagram. I fell in love with her malas, story, and mission. As an act of self-love, I saved up some money and bought a Mermaid mala from her shop. I started collecting more of her malas throughout the months and posting images of them on my Instagram and she followed me, sent me love, and we got talking. I interviewed her for an EFY post and ever since then we have stayed in contact. The 108 event was the first time we actually met in person and it was perfect.


Hannah and I laughed so much throughout the day. Finding ourselves having a lot in common. I poked fun at her boyfriend/business partner, John, as we sipped on green juice under the lazy sun. It was 10 hours of standing, meeting new people, and attempting to get a tan every time I took a short break.

The event was magical. All types of people came together to run, flow, meditate, and dance to MC Yogi. It was if all the chaos in the world dissipated and only love reminded, the core to it all was light.


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