Full Flower Moon


Tonight the Full Flower Moon rises to the occasion, meeting the starry sky with a pinkish hue. A divine guidance glazes over our intuition and gives us a sense of watery comfort and goddess connection. This Flower Moon welcomes the expression and birth of flowers, an awakening of colorful life. Bliss. Enchanting. Revival. Alluring. Restorative.

Like the lotus mudra, the earth is opening its heart center. This is a nourishing transition, a bloom of compassion. While nature opens outward it is our focus to dive inward. It is a time of acceptance, seeing the growth occurring around us and being able to center.

As the moonlight canvases the skyline, we will have a sense of clarity. Our passions will manifest into ideas, ideas into projects, and projects into journeys. The moon is giving us the change to have a heart-to-heart with ourselves and our guides, for being able to go inward and out to others for guidance. A moment of truth, divine love, and bravery.

Emotions will be heightened, sensitive, and vulnerable. You will experience waves of reactions but be kind to yourself, choose to observe and listen. Breathe. Reconnect with yourself through breath, a conscious endeavor of self-love.

Soak yourself in the pink moonlight, ignite the practice of self-care. Tend to your roots by illuminating your spirituality through movement, meditation, and prayer. Connect to this lunar energy with awareness and divine devotion.

Mystical. Enlightening. Healing.

Rise with the Full Flower Moon and empower your inner light.


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