Don’t “Forget the Self”

20170426_163708.jpgI came across this message when I was at the bookstore and I found it to be a false inspiration.

Forget the Self.

Sit with that. How does it make you feel?

Hollow. Intangible. Uneasy.

What would happen if you forget your Self? If you left it out of your daily routine?

You would become unattached, distant, disconnected from everything. Your Self is the core of your being, it is the hub of your energy, personality, and true emotions.

The Self is not selfish but loving. The Self is the balance, the beautiful contradiction, of going inward and expanding outward.

Instead of forgetting, the focus should be on empowering. When you empower the self, you are igniting the flame within and with that, you are able to spread light, illuminate those around you.

Your Self is a beacon of wonderment. A galaxy of creativity, thoughts, and poetic emotions.

Through a practice of (Self) Love, (Self) Care, (Self) Worth, (Self) Respect, (Self) Acceptance, the Self becomes strong, inspired and confident. When you are kind to your Self, you are able to spread that kindness and enlightenment with others.

4 Simple Ways to care for your Self:

  • Mindfulness at Home: It’s about taking the time to honor your Self through mindful pampering, sitting with your Self and truly listening to what you need.
    • Light a candle, take a bath, meditate, read a book, nap, cuddle, brew tea, watch a movie, etc. Simply be.
  • Yoga: Get your body moving, awaken and activate the Self. Roll out the mat, flow, meditate.
  • Art Therapy: Your brain eases as you focus on the simple movements of creating something. From the stroke of a paint brush to the filling in of a color pencil, you are concentrating on the moment and finding peace within it.
  • Envision: Honor your desires, fuel your goals with divine love. Sitting with your visions is what cultivates growth and manifests prosperity.
    • Create a dream board, visualize your life, goals, and devotions, in the textures, colors, and words that ignite your magical ambitions.

The core to EcoFitYogi is to Empower the Self. To crown your Self worthy and from that worthiness you light up the world. 

Learn more how you can Empower the Self by visiting the EcoFitYogiShop

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