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Alyssa crafts natural and cruelty-free products, from bath bombs to salt scrubs. The WisteriaFox is a shop of self-care products that inspire compassion! Alyssa is a kind soul who dives into the layers of mental health and finds beauty in its complexity.

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What is your personal mantra?

“Your past does not define the person you will become, it simply just made you this much stronger.”hahahahhahahahahahhahahahhaha

How has stress and depression impacted your life?

The years spent in school I felt like I was the only one suffering with depression and anxiety. I felt embarrassed of having these disorders and felt that I had to hide them from the world, I really felt alone. It was hard seeing the other students stand up in front of the class and present or be able to work in groups together and because I was so afraid I always had to work by myself. Anxiety prevented me from doing simple tasks such as ordering food, being able to eat in front of people, making a purchase at a store and really made it difficult for me in school. Depression was even harder, I felt the constant need to wear a smile on my face even though on the inside I was screaming for help. Depression can make you sink into very dark scary places and what makes it even scarier is when you feel like there is no one you can talk to or that there is no one who understands what you’re going through. It’s really hard for me to talk about but I went to an extreme low point where I self harmed every day and ended up seeing suicide as my only option. Well let me tell you something..suicide is NEVER an option, so please if you ever feel like it is I can’t tell you enough that it will get better. I used to get mad at the phrase “It gets better” because for me, it never did. I suffered from depression for seven years..they went by slowly and painfully but guess what? I am happy now. I never thought I would be able to say that, but I am truly happy. The world is such a beautiful place and you have to go and see it..find beauty in everything. I’ve gone through several therapists, several hospitals, tons of different medications and felt hopeless that one day it would get better, but it did! I am so glad I pushed through all of that pain to finally see the stars through a cloudy night sky. I wish I learned this years ago..but what changed me the most is when I started putting myself first no matter what. It was very hard to do but I learned to put my happiness and myself before anything and that was the greatest decision I have ever made. I have always been self conscious about my body but I’ve learned to look at things different, I am no longer worried about what other people think of me. If I am happy with myself and I love myself that is truly all that matters.

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In your opinion, why should mental health be a topic we talk more openly about?

Mental health is not something commonly talked about. I really think it’s so important for people to freely talk about it, especially in schools. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed of if you do have any disorders. I know that some people feel alone, that there isn’t anyone that they know who also goes through what they are going through. I also feel like people don’t really know much about these disorders and what to look out for in someone with a disorder. I feel like if we were more open about this we wouldn’t feel as alone and more people would understand.

What inspired you to create your shop WisteriaFox?

I wanted to create a shop where I could personalize and create all different types of bath products. I wanted the ingredients to be all natural and offer all kinds of benefits to the skin, the products to be completely safe, and for everything to be cruelty free, and that’s exactly what I did!

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What are some of your daily rituals?

I recently have been drinking a lot more water than I usually do and I feel so hydrated and refreshed! I have been stretching almost everyday and have been spending most of my time outside. Whenever I am stuck inside my mood is noticeably lower, but when I am outside there is so much positive energy.

What makes taking a bath so important when it comes to self-love?

Personally, for me, I feel like my bath is a mini escape. I use the products that I create to pamper myself, my skin, my body, and my mind. When I put the bath bombs in the tub I find it so stress-relieving to just watch as the color fizzes out of the bath bomb and changes the water’s color. I feel like having alone time to just relax and treat yourself is like a magical bathtub sanctuary. Depending on the products that I use each one has different ingredients to benefit my skin. It is so important to treat your skin and self with care and that is why I make the products that I do, to give others the chance to give them a special YOU time.Gree

When it comes to self-care there is a stigma. Why is it important for people to pamper themselves?

You are the most important person in the world, you have to take care of your body and your mind because it is the only one that you have.

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