June Challenge


What does achievement look like to you?

Really savor that question, admire what it feels like to think about yourself. It’s not selfish or needy to want to feel good, to achieve something. It’s healthy, purposeful, and beautiful, to be able to crown yourself worthy of something divine.
Achievement is personal, ambitious, greatness. Our vision of how we want to feel may be simple or truly layered with complexity. It’s based on what we find most important, what truly inspires us, ignites the flame within.
When it comes to achievement we all have a tangible vision, from being an owner of a business to being a mother, molded to fit your individual desire. It’s important to think about how that goal makes you feel because that makes the goal not defined by standards but by emotions. Don’t put the stress on yourself to achieve a detailed vision of your achievement but the feeling that desire brings.

Divine Goals

This June challenge is a conscious endeavor to manifest your goals. You have a purpose on this earth, you are a beacon of light, creativity, and love. Your goals have a divine reasoning, a feeling that inspires you to create and work towards something. Achievement isn’t a form of status but rather an emotion that reminds you of your greatness.

Learn to set grounded intentions and divine goals by joining this challenge. It’s broken up into 5 parts, each week will be a chance for you to work with your goals on a personal level. You will receive a weekly schedule with daily tasks, personalized advice, and worksheets. This challenge is a nourishing journey of knowing what you want and learning ways to get there.

Together, let’s feel our goals and embrace their divineness.

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