Another Year Older

It’s gnarly to think that I have been on this earth for 23 years.


 I find myself pretty damn proud of myself. I have a healthy family, magical friends, a loving boyfriend, two blogs, a job, a college degree and an apartment in the city. The list could go on, my gratitude is infinite. Now, there is always going to be something better, brighter, and bolder out there, in the vast world, but I am content in this moment. It makes me feel more like an adult when I can tell myself that I am happy with what I have.


Skeeter and I shared the same birthday. It was always fun telling everyone that April 26th was my cats birthday too. I would always get her a gift, a collar, something bright with sequences. I still do that today. So tonight, as I light the candle, I will make a wish for her too.


Taboo. Secret. Always trying to be younger, older, something other than what you are. I’m not in the time of my life yet where age becomes indifferent. Growing up, I knew understand why age was such a hush hush subject, It always seem strange that I wasn’t allowed to ask someone there age without apologizing before hand. Age in the American culture is crated to be something bad, that the older you are the less useful you become. To me, age is scared, rings in the trunk of your core, layers of wisdom, experience, and room for growth.


Bills. Relatives asking when your getting married. Student loans. Friends when your getting married. More bills. A better sense of personal freedom. Grocery shopping aka getting ANYTHING YOU WANT!


Sharing your life with someone is interesting, messy, and beautiful. Things that you never had to talk about become a conversion, like online shopping habits. Brandon and I met in high school, senior year. Two classes together and awkward walks in the hallways when we didn’t have the nerve to talk to be yet. Since April 7th we have been through long distance, graduation, traveling, moving in together, and becoming parents of two bunnies.

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