Through Sickness & In Health

Life gets REALLY messy when we get sick, not feeling good truly sucks. We find ourselves drained of energy, achy, discouraged, and annoyed. It’s during the time of being sick that we become frustrated, praying to the higher power to take away the discomfort, the pain. We start to become angry at our bodies, mad that we feel bad, that our bodies won’t heal fast enough. And soon after natural cough drops, herbal salt baths, long naps, and the sudden desire to drink more water than usual, we start to feel better. Everything we felt before, all that annoyance, seems to start to slip away when we are welcomed back to a healthy state.
Yet the cycle continues when we get sick again.
Right now I’m getting over a chest cold and cough. I lost my voice over the weekend. I made my throat raw with coughs and drained my body from all my sleepless nights and empty naps. I had to stop working out because my body didn’t feel like moving. I have found myself struggling with confidence in my body. I’ve always had a difficult time when it came to sickness, I hated the resting part. I rather be moving, outside, on my yoga mat.
There’s a vulnerability to being sick because we aren’t strong enough or secure enough to be our fullest selves. Sometimes our sickness is stemmed from an emotional trigger and other times it’s our bodies way of life.
Our bodies work hard for us and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. And so our bodies get sick, make us accept the shitty situation and then we heal.

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