Spring Inspired: A Meditation

Spring is my favorite season because it is a time when the earth is waking from its slumber. Our energies become more sensitive, our intuition heightened. The air has a sweetness to it, the flowers intoxicate our minds with blissful thoughts. Mother Nature brings forth our inner goddess, deepening our roots into the yawning Earth. We rise to the occasion like the flowers from their beds. Our hearts vibrant and our touch soft. We become spring, the divine feminine.

Our bodies are intertwined with the seasons, we can feel a shift with the way we feel, think, and act. It’s important during this time to heal, to dive inward and shed light onto your vulnerability. When it comes to healing, your focus should start with your emotional body. We hold so much energy within that part of ourselves, it was the power to lift us up or hold us down. By peeling away the layers of our emotions, to reach for the core to it all, we become more connected to our physical bodies. We need to sift through our emotions, to loosen our energy field up, so we can welcome growth.

A Spring Meditation

Stand on your mat. Place one hand on the heart and the other on the belly. Close your eyes and envision a ball of golden light in your heart space. Feel its warmth radiating throughout your body. Savor that light, embrace its soft boldness. Imagine the light travel throughout your body, illuminating every inch of you. Let your energy glow in shimmering light.

Begin to center your energy and move your focus to your feet. Envision that your feet are roots, buries deep into the mossy earth. You are grounded, supported by the earth. Deepen your roots, know that you are safe, loved, and taken care of. Now, bring your focus to your core, the trunk of your tree. This is where your warm passion lives. Feel your cores fiery energy, the sense of strength it brings to you as you stand taller, bolder, stronger. Now, bring your focus to your head, where your creativity and ideas birth branches. Feel your branches reaching for starlight, dusting themselves in silvery light. Crown yourself worthy and open yourself of for growth.

Your tree is your partner, a place to envision when we feel univalves, unconnected, or lost. Your roots are your past, your trunk is your presence, and your branches are your future. Marvel at your ability to create, grow, and transition with the tides of nature.

Redirect your energy to your golden heart center and spend another moment blanketing yourself with its light. Kindly stretch your arms to the sky and bring your hands in prayer in front of your heart. Bow your crown, your head to your heart center, to honor yourself and spirit. Slowly open your eyes and welcome the world into your vision. Namaste.



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