Rockstar Shaman – Alyson Charles

Alyson Charles is known as the Rockstar Shaman, a woman with an empowering purpose. She is a Global Television Host, Shaman, National Champ Athlete and Named A Top Meditation by O, The OPRAH Magazine.

In this interview Alyson shares her story and inspires us to tap into our spiritual self.  Follow Alyson’s journey on Instagram, Website, and Facebook!

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What is your personal mantra?

A couple of different types of them: “Truth is a pathless land” and “Go where the love is.” Sanskrit mantras that I have been working with lately are Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha and Hung Vajra Pay

What goddess and/or spirit animal do you connect most with? Why?

Goddess-wise my most soul-level connection at this point is with Goddess Isis. I have a deep soul-connection with Egypt, and I know I’ve had other lifetimes there. As with all my love and light guides, Goddess Isis came to me and revealed herself to me and my sense of connection to Egypt made more sense when that happened.  And as she works with the power of the elements, uniting Earth and sky and with animal medicine- those essences are what my energetic makeup and purpose involve as well. Championing truth and the awakening path.  As for spirit animal, my core power spirit animal is the black panther. So while I work with such an array of animal medicine and various animals have presented themselves to me at different phases of my life, my connection with black panther is deep as she has walked with me since I was born.hhh

How did your journey into shamanism begin?

My journey into shamanism began with my own spiritual awakening. The moment that lifted the veil for me was a traumatic one that dropped me to my knees. From that moment Universe began showing me my life in light and in truth, without all the veils of denial and illusion I had been walking in, so seeing things in truth showed me I had a lot of healing work to do! I simply began my quest to heal and whole and did so by working with an array of practitioners, eastern, western, traditional, metaphysical- you name it! It was during this time that my own gifts, mission, purpose and truth came alive and began revealing itself.

A number of years ago, you had a massive spiritual awakening, what was that experience like?

In the moment that it happened I don’t think I knew exactly what was occurring. I simply knew in that traumatic moment that my life as I knew had been shattered and I could tell nothing would ever be the same again. It was a day or two later when Universe began showing me my life, myself and relationship moments being played like movie scene after movie scene that I realized I was operating in a different realm/way/paradigm – however you want to describe it. I was seeing everything differently and beginning to understand the point of being on this planet.

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When you tapped into your true power, how did you get the courage to embrace your purpose?

Beautiful question because it did (and still does!!) truly take a lot of courage to come out of the spiritual closet and embody my truth, especially in such a public way. I continuously have to activate levels of courage within me that I didn’t even know were possible to activate! I’m aware that the way I speak, my normal practices, views etc… may appear to be outside the box but I’ve got this faith-filled agreement with Divine that I am right with them, I am on the path of love, light and truth and I keep being shown the way and what I should do next, so I take courageous leaps of faith after courageous leaps of faith on a regular, sometimes daily basis. The day I publicly revealed I was shaman- I could feel it coming, I was being gently prepared and on January 1, 2015 I just knew that was the day to do it. It can be terrifying but because I am operating from such a deep, soul-based, cellular place- and I know it’s the truth of my soul and Divine directing me – that’s what keeps me walking forth!

What are your daily rituals?

I begin with a few very simple high-vibrational practices – I personally feel engaging in methods that connect you to your power, light and self-love right upon waking is key for flowing through the day the most balanced and centered as possible. I do various breathwork techniques. One is called the “1 minute breath” but I do it three rounds in a row for a total of three minutes. I then meditate and post-meditation energetically charge my morning beverage (most likely matcha) with support from source and whatever medicine or essences my intuition feels like calling in to be with me all day. Chanting, grounding/earthing practices and activating my clairvoyant abilities are also daily rituals for me as well.

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You recently started a partnership with Well + Good Magazine, crafting Energy Horoscopes monthly. How do you get into that mindset of creating such powerful observations?

It is a really lovely and powerful process! I love to see it at play with me. Usually toward the end of each month I begin to personally experience what will be occurring for others in the next month and this is by Divine design obviously.  I know that I will start going through the themes so that I know what to forecast for others and can speak from a vantage point of having experienced it.  Once I start seeing, experiencing and sensing what will be at play I will spend the next few days speaking with Source/Divine and Gaia/Mother Earth for more specific answers so my forecast can be written as clearly as possible and be able to benefit all those who read it. I always ask “what do I need to know and what needs to be communicated in this forecast that will be for the highest, greatest, Earthly good of all?” I see colors, pictures, I can hear the forecast directions, I can “feel into” the energy systems at play and those energy systems speak to me as well. It’s really wild and amazing to do it!

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You were named A Top Meditation by O, The OPRAH Magazine. How did that recognition impact your perspective on your work and influence?

It made me feel even more excited about the rise of consciousness that’s happening on the Earth. I am aware that we are here during a time of global planetary awakening but it is so beautiful for me to see, more and more each day, the people, publications, places, brands, businesses etc… who are welcoming this kind of work in and saying “yes, we’d like to learn more about what it is you do, how we canimplement it and how it will improve our lives and the world.” It was an honor to be mentioned in anything that is Oprah’s as she has been such a courageous global change-maker and such a brave awakened soul. So to have mention of the work I am so blessed to do, in her magazine that also provided yet another beautiful sign of where mindfulness and the shift on planet Earth is going – it was enriching at the deepest, soul levels.

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What are your personal self-love practices?

Self-love work is SO KEY! It’s truly the key to everything. Seeing yourself in whole (shadow aspects and all), accepting yourself and truly honoring your soul is what shapes and crafts the world, experiences and people around you.  I begin each day looking in the mirror and gazing deeply into my eyes/soul and place a hand on my heart and say whatever affirmations naturally flow out but usually “I love you Alyson, thank you for being you. Thank you for your courage. You are a divine being of light. I love you, I honor you, I respect you. Thank you.”  Other ways that are big for me are allowing myself balance in life- opening up space for more free-time or social time is huge for me as I have tendencies of working too much. I also soothe my soul by going to ancient bath houses, getting massages, having healing and energy work from other amazing healer friends I have. I show I love myself by applying and ingesting really vibrant, alive and organic ingredients too – I know my energetic frequency needs to be uplifted and fueled so I purchase ethical, sustainable, organic and high-vibration beauty products and food as much as I can.img-3203_orig.jpg

With the Ostara/Spring Equinox, what is a ritual or action that someone should take to manifest the energy of the shifting season?

In general, right now is a time to really allow yourself to be EXPANSIVE! Let your thoughts and imagination for what is possible for you to experience and feel in life to grow, break out of old patterns/habits and comfort zones, begin to ask yourself if some of the thoughts you think or opinions you have of others are really truth or if you can open up your mind and let new dimensions of perception to be born. Communicating to Universe that you are ready to be with greater magic and miracles will let you be witness to it more. Trust the positive changes, trust your ability to handle and ride the waves of growth and love-filled evolution.

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Read Alyson’s advice for April’s Energy Horoscope on Well+Good.

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