The Pink Moon

On April 11th the full moon rises to the occasion. It’s known as the Pink Moon, after a flower that blooms early in the month to signify spring has arrived. Buds are pink when they first appear on their branches, so the Pink Moon symbolizes the renewal of the seasons, the rebirth of the earth.

This is a time of blossoming, taking your energy that has been at rest and creating something with it.  Start a new project, take a trip, sign up for a new yoga class, begin a new hobby (etc). You have this light within you and this pink moon awareness its.

This goddess infused moon is your guide, a beacon of inspiration. Know you are worthy of positive change, light, and magic.

Pink Moon Tea

  • 1 tsp Chamomile
  • ½ tsp Lavender
  • ½ tsp Rose Petals
  • Sweeten with Local & Organic Honey

Create an alter for the pink moon using Crystals like Rose Quartz, Moonstone, & Lilac Amethyst.

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