Divine Living

Our spirituality is sacred. A beautiful relationship that we have with ourselves and the energies around us. It’s a time of vulnerability, growth, and healing. A colorful collection of chakras, crystals, malas, and herbs. A creation of art, statues, and thought.

We find ourselves drawn to things that make us feel whole. To fill in the cracks of things we can’t seem to understand. Glittery light lives under our skin, attracting the moon and stars. A galaxy of color flows through us, a magic that makes us feel alive.

Our bodies absorb the world around us. We are an embodiment of nature, from tears that taste like the ocean and laughter that babbles like a brook. Our cheeks are blushing hues of pink, like rose garden of emotions and temptation. The sparkle in our eyes may be a reflection of light or the stars shining within us.

I was created from a storm of icy waters and veined waves, my eyes blue. My hair is golden threads of sunlight. I see my skin and it reminds me of sand, the kind that feels warm and yet chills the deeper you sink.

When we connect to goddess, sisterhood, and the magic within us, we become enlightened. A self made power, a feeling of contentment.  By going within through meditation and yoga, we are able to connect to the sacred divine energy, the feeling of being a woman.

Our beings are collages of what we believe, live, and hold on to. Like the early spring, we are both snow and rising earth. We are the connectors of the past and future, our bodies vessels within the present moment.

Our dreams powder our skin in moon dust, heart-to-heart we embrace the feeling of hopefulness.


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