5 Mantras for Your Fitness Routine

Fitness gets molded into this bundle of expectations, pressures to look a certain way. From workout videos to health magazines, we are fed the idea that we must section our body into parts. That only certain parts of our bodies are considered beautiful. When we have that perspective, we loose that mind and body connection, to ability to see ourselves as a whole.

Recently, I have been struggling with my depression. I started loosing energy and interest in working out, I was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I took some time to heal, to simply just rest my mind and body. I took baths, stretched, took long walks, napped, and sat in the sand on the Lake Shore. I wasn’t hard on myself for not being able to step on my mat, instead I gave myself the permission to let go of all the pressure.

After my resting period, I decided to create a weekly plan that would connect my mind and body. I crafted a schedule, a routine to get me motivated to move. I didn’t want to pressure myself to a certain about of time. I decided to choose topics for each day and give myself the ability to have fun and do what feels good. No force, no expectation to have certain amount of minutes, instead I just wanted to focus on feeling better.

I knew that I wanted to step onto my met almost everyday, but I knew I couldn’t put that toll on my body to preform every single day. I chose to take care of my muscles, send them love by not working them out every day. I chose to shift my focus to different areas of myself while other muscles rested. You become inspired, empowered, motivated, and proud of yourself everyday because you took the time to step onto the mat and reward your body with mindful movement.

  • Monday: Flexibility
  • Tuesday: Arms
  • Wednesday: Core
  • Thursday: Lower Body
  • Friday: Flow (yoga)
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Strength

In order to truly tap into your ambition, confidence, and willpower, you must be able to fuel your drive with compassion. Below I have listed ways that I observe my body and emotions and manifest the energy to step onto the mat, to welcome myself to take a chance, to explore.

  1. The core is where my passion resides
  2. I am strong because I chose to be here
  3. My body is my home
  4. I move with kindness
  5. I am a women, warrior, and queen: ruler of my body


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