Ostara: A Spring Equinox Alter

Ostara/Spring Equinox: March 20th 2017

The balance of nature lies in the hands of Ostara, the Celtic goddess of spring and dawn. The fine line of light and dark intertwine, creating a structure of renewal that allows us to welcoming the rising sun with clarity. A time of rebirth, shedding the layers of the past.

We must accept change, keep our heart and mind open to the opportunities that rise. We must tend to the garden of ideas within, nurturing projects that we have left unfinished or haven’t begun yet. This is a time of light, a year to work from the heart yet have a stable connection to the mind.

It is a thought provoking hour, a moment to choose the path of happiness. We must see the experiences ahead as stepping stones to our vision. Open the third eye and keep our creativity fertile, to take negativity and learn to recycle it. It takes time to learn from the past and it takes strength to use that knowledge as mindful power.


  • Rose: love, goddess, healing, physic protection
  • Lavender: purification, protection, magick, dreaming


  • Tarot Cards – Ostara & Spring Equinox
  • Faerie Star – balance, magick, protection
  • Fluorite Mala – stable clarity, connection to nature, communication with the Fae
  • Rose Quartz Bowl – heal the heart, comfort
  • White Candles – divine inspiration, lunar, peace, guidance


  • Faerie Amethyst – manifest dreams, strengthen spirituality, clarity to visions, meditation
  • Rose Quartz – emotional support, self-love, self-care
  • Moonstone – goddess, protection, intuition, magick
  • Danburite – emotional healing, enlightenment, spiritual growth, higher self
  • Fairy Cross – celtic energy, communication with faeries, ancient earth
  • Aquamarine – inward reflection, flow, release, compassion, mermaid energy
  • White Aragonite – wellbeing, forgiveness, angelic, higher realms, peace
  • Tree Agate – growth, grounding, prosperity, nature spirits

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