New Moon Love

  • New Moon –  waxing Dark 0-45°
  • Moon Arrival: Feb 26th

The sky above is dark, the orb of glossy light is tucked away, facing the galexy of color.  Stars poetically sprinkle themselves across the velvet night, their formation is an illusion.

This is a time for new beginnings, new projects, new directions, new resolutions. The key word is “New” refreshing your energy and thoughts. You should ground your goals by writing down, planning, or even creating a dream board. Think of your goals and ideas as seeds, once you plant and nurture them, you can harvest during the next full moon. 

During this time of blissful darkness, there is the ‘dark of the moon’ which occurs for 3 days after the new moon. It brings deeper understanding towards your journey. It is a moment of inward reflection, a mental and emotional reconnect.  This will allow you to prepare for the new cycle by seeking out new intentions to take you forward.

One of the mantras I live by is: Bendithia Gan Y Loer. It is the Welsh translation of Bless By The Moon.  This mantra reminds me the the divine energy above is my protector and guide.  There is a Welsh goddess that I connect during the moon cycle, her name is Arianrhod. The goddess of the silver wheel, the keeper of light,  weaving the lunar cycle within the Corona Borealis. When you are seeking new beginnings, letting go, or manifesting new paths, Arianrhod assists you in that transformation.

The new moon is the balance of light and darkness, the veil in between opposite energies.  This moon phases teaches us that In order to truly grow, we must be vulnerable.

My dear friend Sheryle created a New Moon grid for EcoFitYogi with black tourmaline, black kyanite, and quartz.  A crystal grid of transformation, intuition, and divine energy.


You can see more of her beautiful grids by visiting her instagram @I_Am_Sheryle and her blog: 


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