A Lunar Lifestyle

The Moon has been a goddess since the beginning of time. A sphere of bliss, illumination, and divine energy. It’s cycle is powerful, an influence on our bodies. We bleed each month as the moon shifts into a new persona, it’s a cycle of transformation.

  • Waxing Crescent Moon – develops roots to ideas and goals
  • First Quarter Moon (Waxing Half) – a period of growth, strengthens ideas and goals, manifest intuition
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon -your ideas and goals are almost in bloom, a time of nurture
  • Full Moon – outward expression, ideas and goals blossom, abundance, heightened intuition, emotional peak
  • Waning Gibbous Moon – start to collecting inner reflections, mindfulness
  • Last Quarter Moon  (Waning Half) – begin self assessment, take on higher perspective, shed negativity , forgive
  • Waning Crescent Moon  – withdraw, prepare new seeds of ideas and goals, banish energy that no longer suits you
  • New Moon – renew, new beginnings, plant your seeds, set intentions, embrace new direction, self-care, release
  • Dark of the Moon (3 days after new moon) – guidance from within, preparing for new cycle, continue the reflection and self-healing

A lunar lifestyle is about connecting the moons energy to your own, to embed a sense of mindfulness into your daily rituals.Take a month to see how you behave during each moon cycle, take note, tap into awareness.  You can connect to the moon through meditation, yoga, malas, and crystals (ex: moonstone). You can blend the energy of the moon into your life by writing in your journal, embracing self-care, experiencing the night sky with evening walks, star-gazing,  and spending time with other women. From self-love to simply honoring your body, the moon teaches us to marvel at ourselves. The Moon, a Queen, Goddess, and Empress, is a reflection of our potential.

  • Want to to join embrace the Lunar Lifestyle? Join HERE
  • Lunar Awakening Program: Join HERE
  • New Moon Reading: HERE



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