Self-Care Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is upon us. A day of love, chocolate, and flowers. During this time we share love with others, expressing our love through action. What if on Valentine’s day we took the time to look inward, to express the love to ourselves?

Valentine’s day is about sharing and giving, forgetting to receive. When we turn our attention to our bodies, mind, and spirit, we find ourselves even more loving. It’s not selfish to relish in the time we spend alone with ourselves. It’s about taking a moment to realize that we must nurture ourselves in order to empower and love others.

Self-Care Tips for Valentine’s Day:

  • Bath Time -soak in the warmth of the water, let the heat rise and allow you to let go of the emotional you hold to tightly. Use bath salts, essential oils, or bath bombs to heal your body and soothe your mind. Light a candle and close the door, let the shadows of light dance across the tiled walls.
  • Yoga Flow -roll out your mat, light a candle, and embrace the silence of your surroundings. This is your moment to communicate with your body trough movement. As you stretch your muscles you release the tension that is embedded within the layers of your being.
  • Meditation – it’s you and your breath. Feel your lungs expand and fall as you center yourself. Use the stillness of thoughts to paint a picture within your mind, a safe haven to be in for those short moments.
  • Eat With Love -nourish your body with food that you craft yourself. When you take time to prepare a meal, you are able to choose ingredients that are good for you.
  • Be Kind to You – do something that will make you happy, bring you comfort, and will inspire you! Watch your favorite film, read a new book, take on that coloring book you have been wanting to try!
  • Cuddle, Cuddle, Cuddle – spend time with your pets! Honor the moments you share. When you cuddle them you will lift your spirits and comfort your heart.

Enjoy the choice to empower yourself, to see that spark within as a fire to be tended!


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