Empowering the Self

The Core to EcoFitYogi is the awareness and understanding that our being is a collection, an art form crafted by the different aspects of the self.

  • (Self) Love
  • (Self) Care
  • (Self) Worth
  • (Self) Respect
  • (Self) Acceptance

Our energy, thoughts, feelings, and actions are stemmed from the roots of self. When we look inward and feel around our emotions and thoughts, we are able to live a more balanced life. The true meaning of balance is when you are able to embrace the chaos, finding a sense of peace within the eye of the storm.

Connecting with your Self is a practice that takes patience and commitment. You must have the hunger to love your Self fully. Its about having a heart-to-heart with your body and mind, finding the confidence you need to be venerable.

Listening, feeling, and reflecting are the foundation of a healthy self. Find empowerment in knowing you are a being with such depth, beauty, and strength.

Here is a simple reminder to always stay empowered and in touch with your Self.

  • Spend time in nature
  • Eat food that fuel you
  • Listen to your body
  • Find alone time

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