The Beauty of Malas


Malas are meditation and prayer tools that are remind us of our intentions, mantras, and devotions. Malas are made up of 108 natural stone/wood, a guru bead, and a tassel. The mala can be worn around our neck or wrist. Each mala has a different meaning and energy, making each piece unique to the owner.

Over the years I have collected many malas that have been used to get me through tough moments and provide me with the comfort and guidance I sought. I wear my malas close to my heart, their coolness blends with my warmth. I like the idea of knowing that wherever I am, I have my mala to guide me home. From malas of Rainbow Fluorite by Crystal Life Technology to a Celestite mala by NomadAssessories, I use colors and energies to keep me grounded to my heart center.

Each morning I wake up and choose which mala best balances my energy. As you can tell from the photo I have a type of energy I love, soft. My Malas by Malabella Jewels (pictured Left to Right): Mermaid, Divine Love, New Moon, Stormy Seas. I own malas that connect to the soft energies of Tara, faeries, and mermaids, the perfect blend of lunar and water.

When we wear a mala it hangs close to our heart, pressed against our skin as a reminder to look inward throughout our day. Malas are our emotions, thoughts, and desires strung into an art form, worn by us to keep us centered to who we are. Find the energies that empower you and bring you comfort. Wear the malas that you are drawn too, look and feel, experience them.

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