An Interview with Vanessa E Yoga

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Vanessa inspires others to connect to their body through movement. This yogi engages with nature, moves with purpose, and finds balance within the chaos.

  1. What is your personal mantra?

Love and all is coming.

  1. How did you love for yoga come about?

I fell in love with yoga when I noticed I was looking a life differently. I was happier, calmer, I felt renewed almost, and I started to love myself.

  1. What sparked your interest in vinyasa flow yoga?

I actually don’t practice Vinyasa very much, or the normal vinaysa most practice. My practice is either traditional Ashtanga or my own sequence modeled after Ashtanga with a few of my own moves in it. I fell in love with Ashtanga though because it had a routine, I could get used to it and focus more on the asana then just moving from pose to pose and forgetting what I was doing.

  1. 14701110_1248795041808708_3774615403746033664_n.jpgHow do you personalize your vinyasa flow classes?

Right now I don’t teach classes, I do privates with some clients and I personalized it to each client to meet their needs and what they are looking to achieve. Anything I do though is modeled after the Ashtanga method and/or mysore style. I have found it works the best and has allowed my clients to grow best in their practice.

  1. How do you manifest balance and harmony into your everyday life?

Meditation for sure. I am a mom and life is busy. Meditation and yoga together have taught me how to stay balanced and stay peaceful in stressful times. I always take a few minutes everyday through the day to mediate.

  1. What advice do you have for women who want to feel more connected to themselves?

14733742_285127965216008_1870824064067567616_nDo more things for yourself. Take that time to do your practice, meditate, and hobbies that you love. Remove negative things/people from your live and surround yourself with bright and positive. There is a book called “ You Are A Badass”. I really recommend reading it. It has helped me a lot and gave me some tools to help me find out what I wanted and how I could get there. The most important thing to do is to take time through the day for yourself and work up from there.

  1. What are some of your daily rituals?

I get up early in the morning so I have a couple hours to myself in the morning before my son gets up. Then I do my practice in the morning and in the afternoon me and my son always go out for a walk or go to an area to relax. Getting outside is a absolute daily ritual.

  1. How has yoga changed your perceptive on your body and life?

Yoga changed my perception on my body and myself in general in a massive way. I was always made fun of in my younger years for anything, my weight, my personality, what I liked, anything. I would always try to fit in but it never helped. I was always a target just because. When I started practicing yoga I started this inward journey into myself. On this journey I started to develop love for myself, realize that there was nothing wrong with me, that who I am is perfectly fine. I am still on this journey inward b16110256_933118850151456_2929313256608628736_n.jpgut I am extremely grateful for what it has done for me so far. I am stronger now and now I can shrug it off when someone has something negative to say about me. I see positivity in my life and can smile when I think about where I am going and who I am now. I don’t honestly know if I would have gotten anywhere close to here without Yoga and Meditation.

  1. Do you feel a pressures as a yoga teacher to be a certain way?

Not really no. Every teacher brings their own style and uniqueness to the class. I teach what feels right to me and do my best to ensure everyone is getting the help they need with a posture. I teacher a slower but still challenging style. Teaching a bit slower gives me time to get to students and help those who need it. I think each teacher should be unique and offer their own take.

  1. What was the best advice you’ve ever received?

One Breath At A Time. Don’t think too far ahead, just focus on the now and breathe. If something is meant to be it will happen, and if it’s not it won’t. Don’t get hung up on things that aren’t working out, and instead work on things that are coming together.


Instagram: @vanessaeyoga


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