A Mindful Traveler

When we travel we immerse ourselves into a new culture and mindset. We find ourselves trying new things, from food to activities. Back in May of last year I went to Oahu, Hawaii with my boyfriend. It was our first time traveling without our families and we were a mix of nerves and excitement. We spent the week exploring the island, meeting locals, shopping at Hawaiian-based vendors, and eating at local restaurants.

During my Hawaiian journey I learned a few things that I’m going to share with you. 

Mindful Tips:

  • As a vegan traveler the only thing on my mind is food, what will I have to eat?  I used Yelp, Happy Cow, and Instagram, to help me navigate vegan restaurants. We came across Peace Cafe based on recommendations on social media. When it comes to eating at restaurants during your travel, seek others reviews online and ask the locals!
  • When it comes to eating habits on trips find a balance of comfort and light foods. Breakfast is key when traveling, it is what starts your day off with energy and fuels you till lunch. In Hawaii, I ate oatmeal with roasted coconut, a side of fruit, and fresh juice and tea. We went to mom&pop grocery stores and bought snacks for the week, from nuts to crackers, we wanted to have healthy items to munch on during our hikes and after swims. Keep a jug of water in your hotel room and pack waters when you go out, staying hydrated is important because it keeps you aware of your surroundings.
  • Spend time in nature, it is what brings us peace, inspiration, and healthy habits. No matter where you travel to take time to spend it outdoors, it keeps you active during your trip. Explore the landscape and savor the beauty of your surroundings. In Hawaii we spend our days in the ocean, rainforest, and mountains. Whether its a trip to Italy or Ohio, the natural landscape is unique and deserves to be honored. 
  • Meet the locals. Public transportation is a great way to meet the locals. On our trip we used Uber to get around, we met some amazing locals by using the service.
    • We met…
      • A CFO from New York who quit his job to live the “slower” life in Hawaii. 
      • A Marine turned Dental Surgeon, working on creating a dental hygiene kit for the troops.
      •  An old man who became an Uber driver to meet new people. He was a Hawaiian native who recently lost his wife. 
  • Find free or affordable activities to do. The locals and tourist who traveled to your location many times, know the best places to visit without breaking the bank. The key is to ask around. We got great advice from our Uber drivers and from guests staying at the same hotel as us. 

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  1. It expands us when we try new experiences

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