Falling In Love With Yourself

When it comes to love it can be the first moment, within weeks, months, or even years. Love can only prosper with roots, with a connection to the center of a being. From films to books we are constantly seeing others falling in love, from strangers to long time friends. Love has been embedded with us as a natural instinct yet it can be taught as well.What would happen if we took the practice of falling in love with someone and focused on ourselves instead?

The idea of falling in love with yourself stems from the layered meaning of self-love. We tend to forget that love is a process, a practice of seeing someone for who they are and choosing to accept it with an open heart. Falling in love with yourself is the same process it is for when you to love another. We see others flaws as quirky or misjudge, yet when it comes to ourselves we find our flaws as burdens and shunned.

What would happen if you truly took the time to see yourself, to sit of a date within and listen to the stories you told. Would you cut yourself off, leave the date, or simply listen?

Below are some tips to help initiate the practice of loving yourself.

  •  Go On A Date With Yourself – take yourself to your favorite restaurant, bookstore, or coffee shop. sit with yourself and savor the moment, make the time to have a conversation with yourself. That doesn’t mean o sit alone and whisper to yourself, just simply reflect by looking inward.
  • Take A Trip – spending time alone will help develop that bond with yourself. You will learn more about yourself when you travel alone, you will find yourself taking on new risks and being unfiltered within the moment.
  • Yoga & Meditation -these are practices that connect the physical and mental movement of ones body. Allowing you to feel your body and emotions in a time of vulnerability and ease. You can ass crystals, mala, and essential oils into your practice to help instill that sense of balance and awareness.
  • A Bath – hot water with bath salts and candles makes the world a better place. When you take a bath you are exposing yourself, naked, and vulnerable as you sit within the water and reflect on how you feel. A single bath has the ability to shift your perspective and mood.
  • Surround Yourself With Strong Women – when you connect with inspiring women, you will find yourself empowered, motivated, and supported. Feminine energy is very powerful, its sensual, understanding, and comforting. Seek advice from the amazing women around you, their wisdom will help you during your own journey.



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