Mantra: My Voice is my light

This is a time for outward expression. From the full moon rising to political uproar, you are being asked by the universe to speak up. 

You are courageous, strong, and capable. The ability to express yourself is what gives you power. You may share your voice through art, writing, or simply speaking. No matter what your outlet is, your inner light shines through.

From thoughts to bold words, your expression is the foundation to your growth. By speaking up through your outlet, you are able to put that energy into the universe and harvest the opportunity when the time presents itself. In order to manifest your goals, you must realize that you hold all the power.

Stop only relying on others for support or believing that your future is in someone else’s hands. You are the creator of your own story, you express a new path with each action you take. Use your voice as a beacon of light to guide you in the direction you seek. There isn’t a “right” way to go, you must simply trust your gut and take the first step.


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